Why Thumbnails are Important for YouTube and Some Examples

Thumbnails are like your video’s very own marketing billboard. They should be exciting, clever, attention-grabbing, and reflect what your video is about. Thumbnails are your video’s first impression to its viewers and they will most of the time decide whether or not a user clicks on your video.

Thumbnails are the First Thing Seen

When users are scrolling through YouTube looking for a video to watch a video’s thumbnail is what is going to first catch their eye. Whether it is the color, the wording, or the overall layout, the thumbnail sets the tone for the video and is ultimately the reason why someone clicks on your video.

With this being said, it is incredibly important to have attractive and exciting thumbnails for your videos. Be sure to always come through on that exciting promise your thumbnail is portraying in your video, as to not let down or turn away your viewers.

Put Text in Your Thumbnails

Along with a great image and color scheme, you should consider putting some text in your thumbnail. Typically, this text is just a couple of exciting words about your video. Be sure not to have too many words, because as you can imagine, too many words could overwhelm your viewers and turn them away.

Create Your Own Thumbnails

When deciding on a thumbnail, some creators will take the easy route and screengrab a photo from their video. This option could work in a pitch; however, creating a professional thumbnail with a great image and text is ideal for all of your videos. Need a great resource to create thumbnails? Check out https://www.canva.com

Your video’s thumbnail is that video’s marketing billboard. Be sure to take some time for each video and create a great thumbnail. Additionally, if your video isn’t attracting the kind of views you were hoping for, consider switching your thumbnail to something different and A/B test the results.

As a real estate agent, you have the opportunity to create a bunch of videos on some great topics. Below are some thumbnail examples we have made and used for our videos.

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