REALTORS… IGTV or Normal Video?? | Which Should You Post?

REALTORS… IGTV or Normal Video?? | Which Should You Post?

If you are a realtor you should definitely consider having an Instagram account and really marketing yourself and your listings on this platform. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms there and it is incredibly visual-based, which are two AWESOME features to have for a realtor. Just like all social media platforms, it will take time to grow your following and begin seeing results; however, it can very be worth your time and effort and should be considered as a realtor.

IGTV videos normal videos?

An IGTV video is a video posted on Instagram that is over 60 seconds long. Anything under 60 seconds we concede a “normal video”. IGTV videos are great because you are able to post longer videos and those videos are categorized in their own location on your Instagram profile. There are some tricks to IGTV posts to be sure to watch the video above!

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